This School Year is my Year of Hebrew

August 22, 2021

I took Hebrew at Bob Jones University almost 20 years ago now, but when I transferred my credits to Grace Seminary in the spring of 2021 my Hebrew classes did not transfer because I only earned a C at my BJU Hebrew classes. Thus, this year I will be taking four Hebrew classes at Grace Seminary. (Grace Seminary has four class sections a year - Fall A, Fall B, Spring A, and Spring B.)

I am looking forward to getting a second shot at Hebrew, and I hope to finish this school year with a mastery of Hebrew that I didn't have before. During my preaching career, I have used Hebrew much less than Greek. That is partially due to the fact that I have not preached nearly as much in the Old Testament.

Why is Hebrew helpful for a pastor to study?

First, I will say that Hebrew is not required for someone to preach God's word accurately. We have many good translations and commentaries.

Second, knowing the original languages will strengthen your confidence as you preach and teach God's word. There are nuances and grammatical structure that do not always show up in the English translations.

Third, I believe there is a stewardship of a scholarly understanding of the academic elements surrounding church ministry that pastors are responsible for. Who else but the men God has called to lead his church should be responsible to carry forward a scholarly knowledge of all things church and Scriptures? I understand that it is appropriate to have seminary professors who specialize in their academic areas. But, I believe that pastors are the ultimate stewards of the academic matters relating to God's church.

I am curious. I wonder if some folks would disagree with my last point. I suppose I could soften it by saying that there should be a general degree of competency among the majority of the pastorate on these academic matters as a matter of stewardship for ministry in the present as well as in the future.

All this to say, I greatly value this year of Hebrew, and I hope it will bring me to a level of competency that I was not at before. And, I look forward to use it for church ministry and perhaps to invest in others in the future.

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