Ministry Leader Fellowship & Feedback

February 27, 2021

Last fall, I felt God impress upon me my need to get some feedback about our church from ministry leaders outside of our church. I've been at our church now for going on four years. It has been a blessed time and we have grown as a church in many ways. However, I have now been there long enough where my blind spots are starting to take affect. Also, there are areas of our church ministry that need improvement that I don't notice anymore. They've become familiar and routine.

Over the last few years, I've been becoming acquainted with Twin Lakes Camp in Hillsboro, IN and their Camp Director, Jon Beight. Jon is in and out of churches and colleges all the time, and he also regularly works with young people, developing them for service in God's kingdom. I decided to ask him and his wife, Donna, to come to our church to watch, listen, and give us some feedback.

This was my first time asking someone to do this, and I wasn't sure what to expect. Most of us pastors get a little defensive about how we pastor. I tried to prepare my heart to receive what they had to say, and I tried to let things be as normal as possible when they came (not making any changes to make us look better than normal).

Jon and Donna were a delight to spend time with, and they made it very easy to learn from them. They were very encouraging, and their suggestions were excellent! It was a good experience all around.

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