My Solution Instead of Social Media

February 8, 2021

A Note

I wrote this a few months ago, but then I didn't publish it. I wanted it to be as good as possible. Well, I may never publish it if I just don't go ahead and do it. It's imperfect. Email me if you want to talk more about it.

My Solution Instead of Social Media

A few months ago my wife and I chose to get off of Facebook (I have pretty much gotten off of other Social Media already). I don't know how long we will stay off. I hope it is for good. My intention is not to imply that other people should get off. There are many great uses for social media. In fact, I'll share some:

Benefits of Social Media

  • It helps people connect that otherwise would never have found each other.
  • It protects the spread of information being limited to a few elite outlets who could (and often do) alter the information to serve their purposes.
  • It is a free place to store our pictures and videos. This is helpful for many for when their phone crashes or their computer crashes.
  • It has been a great place for churches to live stream their services. It is also a great communication platform for mature Christians to use for the cause of Christ.
  • It is a user friendly place to have group discussions (private, semi-public, and public).
  • It serves as a communication hub for municipalities, businesses, and various other entities.
  • It is very family friendly - probably the most family friendly social platform. Obviously there is still junk on Facebook, but it the least concerning among the platforms in my opinion.
  • There is a place for anonymous communication (some people are not who they say they are).

Those Who Have Privacy Concerns

There is a lot I could say about the privacy concerns that go along with big tech. Those of you who share those concerns with me, don't look for me to enumerate them here. I think I would distract from this post. Perhaps I will do a post on this sometime in the future.

My Concerns With Social Media

Naturally, for me personally, my concerns with Social Media out-weigh the benefits, and thus I have gotten off.

  • It encourages passive, non-engaging, superficial relationships which become a substitute for healthy relationships. I'm sure there are people who have truly cultivated deep, meaningful relationships through social media; however, that seems to be the great exception.
  • Social Media becomes a vortex and pulls us away from our Face-to-Face world.
  • We are pulled in to social media, we loose our skills in in person, and then our in person relationships get weaker.
  • With the result that we become weaker people.
  • Focus on self-publishing and self promotion... most of us are not called to this.
  • We say things on Social Media that we wouldn't say face to face. Often not even put in email.
  • Your profile / wall / posts become a common ground for people from very different backgrounds with no relationship bonds to interact.
  • Your agenda without the benefit of face to face can further sever you and shut down productive conversations
  • People post photos of themselves that are better left for the personal space of a family photo album.

Wait, what about...?

I know there is much more that could be said. However, I'm not writing a book on this, and I am seeking to give the most important considerations as they apply to me at this point in time. Some folks will not benefit from this. Others might. For those who are my friends, I invite you to email me and let's talk! Even better, if we are able, let's talk on the phone. The best of all, let's go to coffee (er um tea for some of you... even ice cream for the rest of you... I'm sure we can find something...).

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