My Personalized Blog Emails

December 13, 2020

Hi Friends,

Some of you get my "blog emails," and I wanted to explain what I am doing with them. I have a tool in the admin section of my website that lets me create an email list and then put your name at the beginning of the email. This lets me email you all the same thing at once but in a personal way. My goal in doing it this way is for you to hit reply and keep the conversation going. In other words, I view these emails as conversation starters.

Some of you may have been added to my email list but you don't yet have a password to my personal updates section. If you are interested in having a password so you can see my pictures, etc., just reply to the email and ask.


Book Reviews

I am nuts about books. I read on all kinds of topics. I attempt to review each book I read for the sake of my own enrichment as well as conversation starters with others.

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The Attic

You never know what you will find in an attic! Usually there is a hodgepodge of things buried under dust.

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Most of what is included here are notes to myself. The majority of folks will not find interest in these posts.

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