GIT stuff

September 3, 2020

Reset Branch Back to Head

git reset --hard origin/<branch>

Uncommitted Files

git status

Git Add & Commit

# add all the files that have been changed to commit
git add -A

# comment them with a commit message
git commit -am"commit message"

# push to the master branch
git push origin master
Personal Updates

This is a password protected section available to those who know me in some fashion. If you know me and you do not already have a login, you can request a login here.

Personal Updates
Book Reviews

I am nuts about books. I read on all kinds of topics. I attempt to review each book I read for the sake of my own enrichment as well as conversation starters with others.

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Pastoral Ministry

God has called me to be a pastor, and occasionally I have some pastoral thoughts I like to share.

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The Attic

You never know what you will find in an attic! Usually there is a hodgepodge of things buried under dust.

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Most of what is included here are notes to myself. The majority of folks will not find interest in these posts.

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