None Greater: Chapter 7 - Does God have emotions? (Impassibility)

August 18, 2020

Chapter seven is my favorite chapter to this point by far. If I have studied God's impassability previously, it was so long ago that I do not remember. I understand intellectually what Barrett gives us in this chapter, but the entirety of my being needs to absorb this over time. Because this was largely unfamiliar to me, it felt much deeper than anything previous in this book.

One of the principal parts of the chapter occurs on page 116 when Barrett makes clear that God's impassibility does not mean that he is "detached" or "unconcerned." The fact that God is impassible but fully expresses all his perfections is a moment of worship. for me. Matthew Barrett goes on to deal with a heretical view of God's suffering along with an analogy of a house fire and impassibility. This section of the chapter made God's impassability very practical while maintaining a rich profundity.

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