Setting up a Web Development on a Windows 10 Machine

June 3, 2020

Download & Install Some Software

Create a Public Key

Use Git Bash and run the following commands

Signup For a Bitbucket Account

Bitbucket has been preferred in the past if you wanted free private repositories. I think recently Github has announced free private repositories as well.

Signup here for the free bitbucket account

Code Projects Folder & Wamp Setup

Decide where you want to store your projects folder (or whatever you want to name it) on your hard drive. Wamp is picky about how the folder is named. Might be best to do c:\projects.

Next, create a sub folder there named with your first project (no spaces, all lowercase).

Next create a new virtual host in wamp. Left click on the Wamp icon in the system try, go to Your Virtual Hosts --> Virtual Host Management. It will open a management console in your web browser.

Type in the address of the local website. My recommendation is to type in your public domain name but instead of .com or .net type in .test. <yourdomainname>.test

type in the path of the webroot: c:\projects\yourprojectfolder

use Visual Studio to create an index.html file in that folder.

then, use your browser and type http://yourdomainname.test in the address bar and press enter. My recommendation is to use Chrome or Firefox.

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