None Greater: Chapters 4 and 5

May 18, 2020

Chapter four grabbed me quickly in two ways. First, it opens with a quote from Job 41:11 cross referenced to Romans 11:35. Either I had forgotten or I didn't know that Job was quoted there in Romans 11. That was a neat addition to my understanding of Romans 11. Second, it picks up on a theme that I have sought to bring up in my teaching and preaching - the thought of God being lonely before he created us. I remember in my Christian elementary school being taught catechisms, and I, even at a young age, pondered what it was like for God before we were created (because of these catechisms). As a young adult, I remember the blessedness of understanding what God had within himself for rich fellowship.

On a more technical note, I have done quite a bit of reading on the Orthodox church in the last year. And, Barrett's indirect mentioning of the filloque sent me on a mental tangent for a view minutes. I want to study that issue more. I know it is accepted doctrine in the Latin West, but I just don't want to accept it because that is what we accept.

In chapter five, I loved our attention being drawn to Herman Bavinck and Stephen Charnock. I look forward to reading both of them. I remember Charnock's name showing up a few times on Goodreads recently.

One of my favorite quotes: "If God is divisible, then he is also destructible." (80)

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