Reading Report: Calvin's Institutes Chapter 4c (263-293)

April 6, 2020

I had trouble focusing on this portion of my reading. I think it was a combination of rambunctious children and the topic. Thus, some of my points/questions may not do justice to what Calvin actually wrote.

  • I found Calvin's use of 1 Corinthians 14:30 very odd in the context of what he was writing about. Anybody else notice this? (276).
  • Anybody have a good book to recommend on the Anabaptists? I read so much about them, but really don't know much about them! (267-268).
  • Calvin's point about the existence of a true church at Corinth even in the midst of their sin was interesting. Does anybody know why or venture to guess why he felt the need to make this point? It was thought provoking (269).
  • Does anybody agree with Calvin's explanation of Matthew 16:9 (binding and losing)? I need to go back and restudy this, but my first thought was that I don't agree with him here (272).
  • I am not sure that I have thought about or been taught about "execration" (273). Anybody else?
  • "Now I ask if, by Christ's coming in which all the fullness of grace was displayed, believers no longer dare to obtain pardon for their faults and, having offended God, can no longer find mercy?" (281). Calvin goes on and talks about New Testament forgiveness. I was baffled by Calvin even made this argument? What am I missing?
  • Calvin's use of the sin against the Holy Spirit mentioned in the Gospels in tandem with Hebrews 6 was a first for me. Interesting point. Any comments? (284-285).
  • I think I learned something about myself. Maybe I knew of it years ago, and just forgot. I learned that I am a "Chiliast"! I also learned that I am "silly," "childish," "exceedingly ignorant," and perhaps exercising "pure spite" in my view as a Chiliast (290-291). Obviously I am poking at Calvin here. However, I think it is important that we are careful how we talk about those who hold a different view of the Scriptures.
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