Reading Report: Calvin's Institutes: Chapter 3b (133-154)

February 17, 2020

I continue to enjoy Calvin's handling of the law. I didn't notice as many of Calvin's colorful words this time, but there were a few entertaining ones. Here are some bulleted points:

  • "Every thought which our mind has of God and everything which our tongue says about him must be consistent with his pre-eminence [sic]." (133). I loved this quote.
  • "Believers are required to rest from their own works so as to allow God to do his work in them." (139). I found this to be though-provoking.
  • The sabbath provides "some servants and to manual workers." (142). I think we have lost this principle today, and it is something I have sought to do a better job implementing for my family (On a different day of the week than the traditional Sunday day of rest). I have struggled with the fact (in principle and not precept), that Sunday's are not usually a day of rest. With Sunday School, Sunday Morning Worship, Fellowship gatherings, and then Sunday Evenings that Sundays are exhausting for people. I have been teaching my church over a period of time to think differently on this, but I am just tossing out the typical structure for the sake of discussion.
  • I was surprised that Calvin made room for other meeting times other than Sunday (143). I have taught for a long time that the New Testament technically gives us room on this, but it is rare that folks have chosen to do differently. The reason I was surprised was that I don't visualize Calvin characteristically that flexible on things.
  • Loved Calvin's "spark of his brilliance" phrase (145).
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