General Post / Aug 4
A reading report for my Calvin's Institutes Reading Group.
General Post / Aug 4
A reading report for my Calvin's Institutes Reading Group.
General Post / Jul 23
A Reading Report of Chapter 15 - The Power of the Church
General Post / Jul 19
Reading report on Chapter 14 - Christian Freedom
General Post / Jul 19
Reading Report on Chapter 13: The Five Ceremonies Falsely Called Sacraments: Confirmation, Penance, Extreme Unction, Ecclesiastical Orders, and Marriage
General Post / Jul 8
This is a reading report of a reading group I am in.
General Post / Apr 26
Calvin's Institutes - Chapter 5b - Pages 320-349
General Post / Apr 24
Reading Report on Chapter 5a - Pages 295-320
General Post / Apr 6
I had trouble focusing on this portion of my reading. I think it was a combination of rambunctious children and the topic. Thus, some of my points/questions may not do justice to what Calvin actually wrote.
General Post / Mar 25
Well, I have skipped doing reports for the last few weeks. I am now going to get back into the swing of doing reports.
General Post / Feb 25
I was blessed with Calvin's handling of the Ten Commandments - especially his taking the negative prohibition and putting in into positive terms.
General Post / Feb 17
I continue to enjoy Calvin's handling of the law. I didn't notice as many of Calvin's colorful words this time, but there were a few entertaining ones.
General Post / Feb 10
It has been a while since I have thought about the law, and I enjoyed reading Calvin's presentation thus far. I still think he could use more Scripture (page 110 is an example), but perhaps he is saving that for later in the chapter. I have also, more and more, started to take note when Calvin uses a derogatory phrase or label on folks he disagrees with. I am sure I didn't catch them all, but here are the ones that I did catch:
General Post / Feb 4
In this latter half of chapter two, I'm glad Calvin more frequently cited Scripture. As an overarching observation, I wonder if Calvin confuses the human will in salvation and in sanctification. At minimal, he doesn't distinguish it (unless I missed it). Thus, it seems, at times, fairly confusing to me with how Calvin makes his case for how the human will operates. On some pages, I can see his point; however, on others I find myself hesitant to accept his reasoning. Another point of seeming confusion is the matter of the law and grace, and I wonder how much of this relates back to his view of Israel and the Church. I am not sure if the confusion lies with him or with me. What I do know is that I am not content with what I feel is the lack of clarity on his handling of the human will. Occasionally, he even feels contradictory.
General Post / Jan 25
Chapter two has continued, for me, with the same sentiment that I expressed last time. It is good, but not as good as chapter one. I don't mind how much he interacts with the philosophers, but I am bothered slightly that Calvin gives us a lot of reasoning, and doesn't always interact richly with the Scriptures. There are times as I read this chapter where I am thinking, I hope this isn't all that Calvin will give us here, and I expect he will dig deeper into the Scriptures on this later. And, when Calvin says, "I think...this can be better demonstrated by appealing to the witness of Scripture rather than to mere argument", I am thinking, Yes, by all means (57)!
General Post / Jan 19
This time as I read, I had a few more question marks (on whether I agreed with Calvin) and less statements that stuck me as especially rich. This is not to say that there wasn't a lot to appreciate, I just wanted to share I felt a little contrast so far in this chapter.
General Post / Jan 11
I almost always find something rich when I dip into Calvin's Commentaries during sermon preparation. However, I have never sat down and read him as a normal book would be read. I am enjoying it so far. Here are some assorted items: