General Post / Jul 24
Some notes to self on this topic
General Post / Jun 16
How to setup an FTP server on Ubuntu
General Post / Jun 16
How to set your ssh session timeout to 24/7 on Ubuntu
General Post / Jun 10
General Post / Jun 3
This post is for a specific use-case. But, there may be some info in here you are interested in.
General Post / May 17
Some Notes to myself
General Post / May 17
Some Notes for myself
General Post / May 15
Odds and Ends for using MacOS
General Post / May 5
Some Notes to myself about Regular Expressions
General Post / May 2
Some notes on jQuery
General Post / May 1
Here are a collection of topics related to PHP programming that I am just learning or I tend to forget.
General Post / Apr 29
Notes to myself... but you can look at them too
General Post / Apr 29
This is a note to myself.
General Post / Apr 27
A note to myself, but you can peak in too.
General Post / Apr 21
I found this great CodePen!
General Post / Apr 19
Note to myself, but you can peak in took.
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