General Post / Sep 7
A reading report on chapter 8 of None Greater - Timeless Eternity
General Post / Aug 4
A reading report for my Calvin's Institutes Reading Group.
General Post / Aug 4
A reading report for my Calvin's Institutes Reading Group.
General Post / Jul 23
A Reading Report of Chapter 15 - The Power of the Church
General Post / Jul 19
Reading report on Chapter 14 - Christian Freedom
General Post / Jul 19
Reading Report on Chapter 13: The Five Ceremonies Falsely Called Sacraments: Confirmation, Penance, Extreme Unction, Ecclesiastical Orders, and Marriage
General Post / Jul 8
This is a reading report of a reading group I am in.
General Post / May 18
A reading report on Chapters 4 and 5 of Matthew Barrett's book, "None Greater."
General Post / May 2
A reading report on Chapters 2 and 3 of Matthew Barrett's book, "None Greater."
General Post / Apr 26
Calvin's Institutes - Chapter 5b - Pages 320-349
General Post / Apr 25
I am reading this book along with a friend, and we are just getting started.
General Post / Apr 24
Reading Report on Chapter 5a - Pages 295-320
General Post / Apr 6
I had trouble focusing on this portion of my reading. I think it was a combination of rambunctious children and the topic. Thus, some of my points/questions may not do justice to what Calvin actually wrote.
General Post / Mar 25
Well, I have skipped doing reports for the last few weeks. I am now going to get back into the swing of doing reports.
General Post / Feb 25
I was blessed with Calvin's handling of the Ten Commandments - especially his taking the negative prohibition and putting in into positive terms.
General Post / Feb 17
I continue to enjoy Calvin's handling of the law. I didn't notice as many of Calvin's colorful words this time, but there were a few entertaining ones.
General Post / Feb 10
It has been a while since I have thought about the law, and I enjoyed reading Calvin's presentation thus far. I still think he could use more Scripture (page 110 is an example), but perhaps he is saving that for later in the chapter. I have also, more and more, started to take note when Calvin uses a derogatory phrase or label on folks he disagrees with. I am sure I didn't catch them all, but here are the ones that I did catch:
General Post / Feb 4
In this latter half of chapter two, I'm glad Calvin more frequently cited Scripture. As an overarching observation, I wonder if Calvin confuses the human will in salvation and in sanctification. At minimal, he doesn't distinguish it (unless I missed it). Thus, it seems, at times, fairly confusing to me with how Calvin makes his case for how the human will operates. On some pages, I can see his point; however, on others I find myself hesitant to accept his reasoning. Another point of seeming confusion is the matter of the law and grace, and I wonder how much of this relates back to his view of Israel and the Church. I am not sure if the confusion lies with him or with me. What I do know is that I am not content with what I feel is the lack of clarity on his handling of the human will. Occasionally, he even feels contradictory.