General Post / Sep 30
Episode 13 (3 minutes): Today I'm gonna challenge you to be where you already are. This is a catchy way of saying that if you are a follower of Jesus Christ, God, at the moment of salvation, joined you organically to his church.
General Post / Sep 22
I am going to stop doing the fancy music for now because I want to make it easier for me to quickly do an episode. / Are you a Christian that prays for the day?
General Post / Sep 19
Church Sermon: Psalm 31 shows how we can move from stress to stability
General Post / Jun 19
An article from - World News Group
General Post / Apr 4
Church Sermon: People are restless today. There is a lot of struggle and disenchantment in our country today. People are looking for a better leader. Someone who will address their concerns. They are looking for a champion.
General Post / Mar 28
Sermon: Traditionalism that Dishonors God
General Post / Mar 21
Sermon: Enlightened but Hardened
General Post / Mar 14
Sermon: More Than Enough When I'm Overwhelmed
General Post / Mar 7
Sermon: No One Could Stop Him!
General Post / Feb 28
Sermon: God, Don't You Care?
General Post / Feb 27
My overview of my first experience asking someone to come in and evaluate the church I pastor
General Post / Feb 21
Sermon: Evangelism in God's Kingdom
General Post / Feb 14
Telling people how to do their family life is a thorny issue. Today we are going to look at a some big ideas to get some guidance on this.
General Post / Feb 8
A friend recently asked me, "How do I handle my pride?" And, then he followed up and said, "Maybe you can do a blog post about that." So, here you go!
General Post / Feb 7
What is the blasphemy against the Holy Spirit? This is a serious topic.
General Post / Feb 1
Every wonder why Jesus prayed even though he was God? And, some thoughts on the Christian's prayer life
General Post / Feb 1
We had to cancel church last minute this Sunday, and so I posted a sermon from a few years ago - The Truth About Heaven
General Post / Jan 14
I got to spend some time with some college students learning from them how best to connect to them as a small church pastor.
General Post / Nov 27
This is an audio introduction to the Gospel According to Mark with a transcription for those would rather read.
General Post / Aug 12
A prayer that the church would pursue unity
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