General Post / Jun 8
I am not always careful
General Post / May 27
The concept of love carries a lot of meaning for people.
General Post / May 18
There are a lot of opinions and experts talking about Covid-19
General Post / Apr 20
I always am searching this, and then I don't pick the site I want. So now, here is the full text.
General Post / Jan 15
The English reformer and martyr John Bradford, who was burned at the stake in 1555 during the reign of Queen Mary, once posed a provocative, thoughtful question:
General Post / Apr 10
Well my friends, I don't know how many people will care to spend time on this blog. However, over the years I have discovered that most people don't want to read social media posts more than two or three lines. And, I have the need to keep a repository of posts that relate to what the God of the Bible has called me to do. Perhaps God will use it to bless others. Either way, I know that this is part of what I should be doing. In the future, I will add an about page, and a few other pages. For now, this is just a simple blog home page with a list of posts.