General Post / Jun 1
List of articles on gifted Children...I'll add to this list over time
General Post / Apr 13
Hoping this will help raise awareness of what Joes Kids is Accomplishing
General Post / Apr 12
General Post / Mar 20
Information on my recent change of seminaries
General Post / Mar 20
Sunrise picture in my backyard
General Post / Mar 20
A picture of my coffee wall
General Post / Mar 9
An opportunity for community impact through Cultivate Food Rescue
General Post / Mar 2
This is my third year spending two back-to-back class periods with the entrepreneur class at our local high school for the website portion of the course.
General Post / Feb 22
This is a difficult task...but it is important! What is Trauma? (Part 1) Nate 90 Episode 16
General Post / Feb 18
Nate 90 Episode 15 - What is a Podcast? The word "podcast" has become mainstream, but some folks still aren't sure what they actually are
General Post / Feb 14
Same bread recipe a quarter of the portion
General Post / Feb 9
Are you a licking poodle? <eye-roll> Nate 90 Episode 14 - The Licking Poodle.
General Post / Feb 8
An overview of why I chose to get off of social media and what I want to do in place of it.
General Post / Feb 1
Check out the latest Nate 90 Episode
General Post / Jan 26
A Picture I took at Yellowstone National Park back in 2018 with vibrant colors
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