General Post / Dec 19
Details about my transition from pastoral ministry
General Post / Dec 15
A collection of resources on this
General Post / Sep 5
I decided since the 40th birthday is such a big birthday that I would share some reflections about the past, present, and future.
General Post / Aug 22
How I will be spending this year in my Master of Divinity studies at Grace Seminary
General Post / Aug 22
Some details about our experience with COVID.
General Post / Aug 15
A Couple pictures of Yosemite
General Post / Aug 15
pictures of Albion Cove
General Post / Aug 15
Pictures of the Pacific Ocean Coastline
General Post / Aug 15
Pictures of Crater Lake, Oregon
General Post / Aug 15
Picture of the Space needle in Seattle
General Post / Jul 9
Pictures from Glacier National Park from our 2021 Vacation
General Post / Jun 19
There is a house a few blocks away from us that was moved across the street!
General Post / Jun 1
List of articles on gifted Children...I'll add to this list over time
General Post / Apr 13
Hoping this will help raise awareness of what Joes Kids is Accomplishing
General Post / Apr 12
General Post / Mar 20
Information on my recent change of seminaries
General Post / Mar 20
Sunrise picture in my backyard
General Post / Mar 20
A picture of my coffee wall
General Post / Mar 9
An opportunity for community impact through Cultivate Food Rescue
General Post / Mar 2
This is my third year spending two back-to-back class periods with the entrepreneur class at our local high school for the website portion of the course.
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